Steel strapping

As a leading manufacturer of steel strapping tools and machines, we know what's right for you to get the best strapping results. FROMM companies around the world are experts in strapping, offering customers not only advice and the best tools, but also the best qualities in traditional steel strapping.




Most common steel strapping qualities

  • Qualities:
    • Uniflex™ standard duty steel strap (max. 850N/mm2)
    • Utraflex™ high tensile steel strap (max. 1100N/mm2)
  • Dimensions:
    • from 9.5 mm (3/8″) to 32 mm (1 1/4″) width
    • from 0.38 to 1.3 mm thickness
  • Finish:
    • Clear/blank, blued, painted (black, gray, green), zinc epoxy coated, electro galvanized,
      hot dip galvanized (hot-dipped-cold-rolled)
  • Make up:
    • Ribbon Wound (RW), Oscillated (OW), Jumbo Coil (JC), Super Jumbo Coil (SJC)
  • Dispensers:
    • Horizontal or vertical – mobile or stationary – floor or wall mounted –
      manual or motorized – for coils RW, OW, JC or SJC


As long term strapping experts, it is our experience that the combination of the right equipment (tools or machines) with the right operator and strap, defines the final strapping result. 

Strapping plays a crucial role in ensuring goods in transportation are delivered safely. This means that all elements must get full attention. Considering  the right strap type and quality, the number of straps, the method of application, followed by tensioning to the right tension and closing the strap securely is imperative. Everything we advise on is with the aim of optimal working conditions at the best cost per package.

Applications and industries

Since the early years of packaging with straps and strips, steel has played a major role. It is famous for its mechanical strength and retained tension. It’s the perfect component for Heavy Duty industries and high temperature strapping of ferrous and non-ferrous metal products such as coils, beams and large building elements.

Airpad™ AP100


Variante: Standard, ESD, Recycling, Biologisch
Typ: Vorgeformte Folie
Maschine: AP100

Airpad™ AP150


Varianten: Standard, Schutz, FSC-Papier
Typ: Vorgeformte Form
Maschine: AP150

Airpad™ AP250


Varianten: Standard, Schutz, ESD
Typ: Dünne Folie
Maschine: AP250

Airpad™ AP502


Varianten: Standard, Schutz, ESD, Recycling, Biologisch
Typ: Dünne Folie
Maschine: AP502

STARstrap™ Eco-S


Material: PET
Ausführung: geprägt

STARstrap™ Plus


Material: PET
Ausführungen: geprägt und glatt



Material: PET
Ausführung: glatt

STARstrap™ ULTRA Spezial

Kunststoffband für Spezialanwendungen

Material: PET
Ausführung: glatt


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